F.R.E.E.   Family Recovery thru Education & Empowerment



During the past 5 years I have accumulated over 400 different group topics that have been presented using the PowerPoint program from Microsoft. If you are working the field of recovery or have a personal interest in improving your life, these powerful groups with lecture material can be yours.

I am also available to make presentations for any group concerning any subject matter. Contact me for information.

This is a sample of the available groups that you may either choose to download for viewing or purchase. Please email me at johnrecover@juno.com for more information or go to our GROUPS page:

 Step One Step Two Step Three
Step Four  Step Five  Step Six
 Step Seven  Step Eight  Step Nine
 Step Ten  Step Eleven  Step Twelve
 All 12 Steps  Group 1 Relationships  Group 2 Relationships
 Group 3 Relationships  Group 4 Relationships  Group 5 Relationships
 Group 6 Relationships  Medical Aspects A.C.A.
Codependency Gambling Caretaking
Childhood Messages Teen Groups 7 Deadly Sins
Biblical Groups Education Awareness
 Motivational Structured  Pornography
 Dysfunctional Leadership  Misc.



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