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Available Presentations

The following list of presentations is currently available for your educational needs. When ordering, please state the group as it shown on this page. These presentations are designed with you in mind. These groups can be used as a structured program or for individual topics. If you choose to purchase any of these presentations, you will be provided with a structured lecture to enhance the presentation.


Family Grief Tears Lazy Struggles
12 Stepper Abstain Amends Attractive Aware
Boys & God Bundy Family Communication 6 groups Disbelief Drugs & Society
Envy Exhaustion Feelings Trust Growing
Laziness Lustful Neglect Opposition Reality
Recovery Process Relapse Repressed Memories Respect Spontaneous
Temptation Whining The Past Forgiveness Peace in Recovery
Phony Affirmations Altercations Anger Assertive
Attention Attitudes Backwards Boys & Drugs Ego
Boys Party Controller Coward Deserving Disguise
Evaluate Recovery Example Fake Hearing Helping Others
Hostile Insecure Invest Self Jesus Kill
Kinda-Sorta Love Leadership Misuse of Power Morals
People Pleasing Pretend Prohibition Role Model Romance
Sarcasm Satan Self Deception Shame Surrender
Survive Cycle Suspicious Teacher Trapped Woe
7 Deadly Sins Acceptance Doubting Expectations Gluttony
Havoc Indecision Inflicting Pain Insane Thoughts Intimacy
Loneliness Love Addiction Miserable Openness Rules



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