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Pastor Columns in Local Newspaper

The first column I wrote for the Visalia Times Delta (Visalia, California)  appeared on July 8, 1997.  It is interesting to note that after this article was published, several people actually attended the church where I was working to meet me. During the weekly community clergy meeting the following week, the question was asked if anyone had ever had someone attend their church as a result of the Pastor Column in the Times Delta. The answer was a simple: NEVER! After the first article, I wrote three more. Each time the numbers increased of the people that want to meet me. What a miracle! The Lord allowed me to speak to other people through a simple article published once a week that up to that day was viewed by many, but not acted upon.

Below are some columns for the newspaper, with more to come soon!.


Restoring Dignity
(July 8, 1997)

Spend Time At Holidays In Celebration, Not Sadness
(December 27, 1997)

Our Thoughts Need To Match Our Faith
(August 4, 1999)

John 14:6 Helps to Heal a Family Death
(July 18, 1998)

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