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If there was a category that I continue to fall back into it would be this one.  Even after 13 years of recovery, I tend to mood alter with work.  It is safe, predictable, and I have the ability to rationalize that work is constructive and therefore I must be too.

One of the common characteristics I see with workaholics is that they are defined by what they do.  I work hard and long, therefore, I must be a dedicated employee.  The problems that arise directly affect the relationships in their lives.  The signs and symptoms are closely related to alcoholism that it is scary.

Those who practice this addiction have been accused of having affairs because it feels like the spouse is being cheated.  In reality, they are.

Signs and symptoms:


Statements like:  “I am doing this for you and the kids.”  “No one appreciates how hard I work.”  “You don’t understand, they need me there all the time.”  “Just let me get this one project done, and I will spend more time with you and the kids.”  (Then the project is completed, the person continues working day and night and another broken promise to add to the list).

No vacation time being taken.  If it is, the employee spends time on the telephone, at work, discussing work with others, etc.

They are usually under a high degree of stress.  Anxiety fills their lives and the fear of being let go haunts them.

When you ask them how their life is going, they respond with remarks about work, not self.

Inside of the workaholic, they have already decided that being at work is better than being at home.

No intimacy.  No communication.  Sex drive is diminished.  Romance is gone.  Work, work, work.

This addiction is almost as bad as a food addiction.  We have to work to survive in today’s world.  Therefore, it requires a balance of work and play to accomplish recovery in this area.  Remember, as the workaholic separates themselves from work addiction, withdrawal will become evident and the possibility of a relapse evident.

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