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There is a significant difference between a spiritual person and a religious person. Recovery provides a sense of spirituality as a result of working the 12 Steps. Working with individuals who lack any significant understanding of God, Jesus Christ, a Higher Power, or a Power Greater than Themselves can cause many problems for recovering people. It has been my experience that each person finds their own spiritual values and strengths in this Program.

They will usually find it through various avenues which can include: The group, reading spiritual books, church, and sponsorship. The newcomer to recovery has made their first spiritual decision by stepping out of their comfort zone and admitting they have a problem. See below for some meaningful links in this area.

Questions & Answers

QUESTION: What does it mean when someone says, "My Higher Power" or a "Power Greater than Myself"?

ANSWER: Each person in recovery has a different concept of what this means. We agree and understand when we hear it. We spend little time exploring what anyone's concept really is. I use a simple method to explain this to people. I show them a small car and ask them if they could lift it alone. Of course, they say no. I ask them if I found four other people would it then be possible for all of us to pick it up. This is a Power Greater than Me. The Higher Power concept is based on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous for those individuals who struggle with the concept of God.


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