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Image of prescription drug       PRESCRIPTION DRUGS 

The amount of prescription drugs available today is overwhelming.  Although most of those prescribed do not have an addictive characteristic to them, many however, do.

Barbiturates and tranquilizers are among the most addictive in this group of drugs.  The problem lies within the individual and their ability to con and manipulate doctors into prescribing more medication as the tolerance increases.

If you are recovering you need to be aware that this class of drugs will cause you to relapse.  If you are an alcoholic you are addicted to all sedative drugs.  Barbiturates and tranquilizers are sedative drugs.  Many of the over-the-counter sleep aids, cold medications, diet pills, all contain sedative drugs.  Be aware of the labels, donít relapse because your nose started running and you took some pills to stop it.

Signs and symptoms of sedative drug abuse:

The most common is slurred speech.  The individual appears to be drunk.

They seem to appear to have a blank look on their face.  There is no facial expression and usually they are not easily excited.  Blank stares are significant signs while using these drugs.

Inability to walk, function, work, communicate, or act normal.  This is usually characterized by a sudden change in mood or effect.

Withdrawal symptoms are evident with these prescription drugs.  If you are taking any of these medications under direct supervision of a medical doctor, do not stop taking them suddenly.  See your doctor for instructions on how to appropriately stop taking this medication and discuss with them in depth your concerns.  Be honest.

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