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Narcotics are grouped in many categories, but for the purpose of this site, we will only list a few:

            Heroin, Methadone, Morphine, Codeine, and Opium

One of the many questions I hear about drugs and alcohol concerns marijuana and the fact that it grows on the earth naturally.  Well, alcohol comes from grains, opium comes from poppies, and any other mood-altering drug comes from something grown or available on earth.  It is my opinion that all drugs are natural.

Signs of Narcotic Abuse:


Nodding off, slurred speech, drowsiness.  Usually occurs directly after using the narcotic.  Sleeping patterns that are not normal and can effect employment and social environment.

The individual’s pupils do not respond to light and appear constricted.

Paraphernalia, to include: bent spoons, eyedroppers, syringes (needles), rubber tubing, cotton swabs, etc.

Track marks or scars on their arms, legs or other hidden areas that leave scars or appear to be freshly punctured.

When the narcotic is not in the system for an extended period of time, individuals clearly state feeling sick.  They are compulsive and agitated looking for another fix to regain the “high” they desire.

Several issues surround narcotic users that may or may not directly hinder their lives.  They frequently go from doctor to doctor trying to “score” prescribed narcotics and complain of severe pain to obtain the drug.  The “habit” they acquire is usually seen as increased amounts and frequency of the narcotic.

The sad part of using narcotics is the user is able to function somewhat normally in life, work, have children, and appear to be productive.  It is not unusual for someone close to a narcotic user to be unaware that there is a problem.

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