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This is one of my favorite addictions.  Have you ever spent a significant amount of time with someone to discover that when they had money in their pocket they felt good about themselves and when they didnít have any money; well it is pretty evident what you witness.

Many people base their self-esteem on money.  But, many people have an addiction problem with it also.  It can be seen as greed, gambling, buying, storing, hoarding, etc.  Within the contents of this page is hard to describe exactly all the aspects of money addiction.  Sometimes I see this in driving for success.  Holding down 3 jobs at once.  Striving to get ahead financially, failing each and every day.  Money has the power to control attached to it.  Sometimes people use money to manipulate other people.

Money is something all of us need to survive.  There again, this addiction can cause security problems for families.  Loss of a home, car, defaulting on loans, and borrowing from family members all go into the mix.  This is usually connected to a mis-conception that someday, somehow, everything will be the way they want it.  People that come from a low-income background tend to appreciate money and know what it represents.  On the other hand, those of high financial status donít care about money because they have an unlimited amount.  This is something I call "180 degrees out of sick" - one extreme to the other without any balance.

If you know someone that is financially devastated and cannot pull themselves out of the mess they got themselves into, there is a good chance there is a money addiction problem.  But, if you see someone that constantly buys things and accumulates things they donít really need, thatís a problem too.  Anything to excess is a problem.  This is the stuff that drives families mad and breaks them up faster than any other issue I know of.  

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