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Marijuana (pot, skunk, grass, weed, etc.) continues to be one of the most widely used drugs because of the userís attitude and personal reasoning.  Many different groups are trying to recommend that this drug become legal.  Honestly, being an old pot smoker myself, I can see why they feel the way they do.  There is only one problem.  The concentration of the marijuana being produced today is much higher than when I was 16 years old, about 39 years ago.  It is my opinion that smoking pot places each individual at a high risk for infections and sickness that may otherwise be avoided.  White blood cells that are responsible for fighting off infections get loaded just like the user.  They float on by, nonchalant in their lack of attack and could care less that something foreign is in the body or not.

Sperm seem to have the same idea.  They float around going, ďOh look, itís one of those eggs we have been looking for!Ē  Medical purposes and mood altering are but several of the reasons that help promote the effects of marijuana.  My opinion is simple:  If it is a drug, one that mood alters and is not necessary for daily functioning, then we donít need to smoke it.  To claim to be drug free and smoking pot is a lie.  I have come across many individuals during my work in the field of addiction who believe that it is possible to work a program of recovery while they are stoned.  Good Luck!

Here is a simple yes and no test to see if you have a problem with marijuana.  

Have you ever been known to get loaded or stoned all by yourself?

When a problem arises or a difficult situation presents itself, is it easier to smoke pot than deal with the problem?  

When your supply begins to run low, does panic and anxiety take over your life?  

Have you ever thought that life would have no meaning without pot?  

Have you experienced periods of difficulty remembering what you said or did?  

Is smoking pot not as fun as it used to be?  

When feeling lonely, isolated, afraid, do you smoke pot the change the way you feel?  

Does your use of marijuana cause you to stay within yourself and not let other people know who you are?  

Do you find yourself planning your day around your pot use?  

Do people who care about you ever say negative things about your pot smoking or make statements concerning the relationship they have with you?  

Do you tend to hang around with people who smoke pot rather than seek out new friends?  

Have you ever promised to cut down, or quit smoking pot and find that each time you do, you break your promise?  

Any answer of YES to any of these questions indicates a problem with marijuana.  You need to seek out someone that can help you with this problem and help you deal with this issue.


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