F.R.E.E.   Family Recovery thru Education & Empowerment


Brief History

This program has gone through three major changes in the past 6 years. The 12 Steps to Freedom in Christ program was the original name used until 1994. The program was started with three individuals who continued to commit on a daily basis for over three months. When our first visitor arrived we were excited. It didn't matter that they had gone to the wrong church we were glad they came. They probably thought we were somewhat strange as all we wanted to do was hear them talk.

The Program served over 400 people in the three years it was in existence. Dealing with selfish and self-centered people caused several issues to arise that eventually led to the program closing. When I re-opened it the new name was the Clean Slate Recovery Program. Major changes were made to stop outside influence and to secure a high quality program in the community. The program became stronger and more intimate as it grew in size.

Clean Slate served not only the church but the community as well. Court referrals were made and we became involved in many different aspects of helping those in need. I would like to point out that when operating a ministry you need to keep the focus on what the ministry is about instead of who is in the ministry. It has been pointed out to me that all of us are recovering from one thing or another. My experience has been that people who suffer with addiction are considered to be less than most in any social setting. I have made the purpose of my life to place recovering people as the best Christians attending the church today. We are not better than others, but we are willing to admit our struggles, our failures, and learn from them. After a long struggle and a major problem with communication, I choose to close the ministry once again.

This brings me to the present day and F.R.E.E. program.